"по стене ползет кирпич. а за ним ползет другой. ну и пусть себе ползут. нам не нужен пенопласт!" (с?)
Maple Tree

The Maple tree is a sign of sadness
It should be named for the Autumn Queen
From golden smiles to an olden redness
It stands out proud along naked streets.

The Maple tree is a thing of beauty
It should not know any heavy weight
It stands out straight like a guard on duty
Before this autumn's wide-open gate.

The Maple tree is a voice of showers
They rattle leaves on their fragile legs
It talks to drops and confides in powers
A magic doe in a ring of stags.

The Maple tree is a warrior spirit
It combats weather and timely bets
At one-to-one, for the wind to spear it,
The stars of leaves as a shield it spreads.

The Maple tree is both knight and princess
I bear witness, it keeps its word
As nature whips it no longer winces
It stands out proud as a bullfinch bird.

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