"по стене ползет кирпич. а за ним ползет другой. ну и пусть себе ползут. нам не нужен пенопласт!" (с?)
Confessions on a lonely night

I miss your warmth around my naked limbs
Already bare of any lingered touch
A careless hand on thigh, a foot in foot amiss
I've never dreamed one thought to be too much.
They say, it is first love the only true
I've never given it a spare glance
What I do ken, my one was overdue
The one I'd missed so fiercely in advance.
One always kills the thing he loves
The famous poet declares
Yet sure as flames the one who halves
One's empty heart and never dares
To share the severed flash and let it grow anew
Is truly maimed, and murderer besides,
A life of vested sadness is the one askew
I'd ever choose to nudge my love's uncovered glides.

Autumn never lies

This autumn speaks to me in terms of pretty lies
I ache for leaves and yellow gold of smiles
What welcomes me to day, is rainy grey and dull.

The crows, my friends, seem silent by themselves
They mind a business dark as rotten smells
I mourn, for no one cares to wipe the nature's sulk.

Oh, grass! Still green, untrue like all the rest,
With flowerbeds still blooming at their best
I dream a spell to make the lies go null.

A city dweller down from head to feet
I woe the sullen greatcoat of the street
A nightmare sight of concrete-bare skulls

Oh, dear me! A daydream or a hunch,
My stomach churns after an early lunch.
This autumn feeds us trash in crusty apple pies.

Adopted by Space

I feel so lonely among the stars
A drop of nothing
A way unending
A rainbow changing
To black and white

I'd grab a handful of friendly suns
To keep me waiting
To lull my fretting
All fears melting
In shiny light

A wind unearthly through rising hairs
A void inviting
Oh God almighty
A beauty striking
Eternal fight

I look unseeing in guilty pleasure
The moment passing
A lifetime wiser
A heartbit older
An orphaned child.

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