"по стене ползет кирпич. а за ним ползет другой. ну и пусть себе ползут. нам не нужен пенопласт!" (с?)
Devided between, the forces of dark and light
I look tentatively left and hopefully to the right
Though clearly none is happy to move and fight
My fears are strong enough to water us black and white...

What side you're on, so wierd, I can't decide
Your colours have many shades and a steady glide
A weapon you use so often and cast so wide
I haven't decided yet what I truly mind.

My vision is slightly poorer than I have thought
I reckon my hands are full with the shadeless lot
The colourless team with lightless more often than not
I fear it's us they boast 'bout having caught.

Your colours, a twitching palette of nerve and mould
You've spoken countless speeches so loud and bold
You've spread your wings awide but shied from the height and cold
I doubt your shadow listens to what you've told.

A patchwork still blinds my eyes or is it a rusted shield?
Protection from boneless blackness I'd better wield
Your shades are liquid and seldom cover the ready field
Thus leaving discoloured mouths starving and wounds unhealed.

Devided between a rainbow and idle grays
We'd better start off in search of forgotten ways
To lead us ahead of ponds and through the enchanted mase
An end to shapeshifting sands and muddy monochrome days.

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