"по стене ползет кирпич. а за ним ползет другой. ну и пусть себе ползут. нам не нужен пенопласт!" (с?)
Modality of self

I might seek for a form to fit me in
Or might I just fall apart?
For blisters to hurt, to burn and grin
I might care to hold my part.

May I watch my way in a mirror frame
Or would it be just a start?
For lovers to love and for death no shame
I might care to play my card.

I should mind to be wise in search for sin
Or must I just stand my guard?
Unless it's a heart for the prize you win
I might care to cast the dart.

Springtime rendez-vous

My pulse is heated to pace with yours
So far yet into the heart
Through night-shut curtains and closed doors
My lines weave into your chart

I pace through silence and open space
To close the distance between
My heart a bet in a headlong race
With time as ever so mean

I'll brace for waiting no matter what
A clean space-time for a foe
A longing tied in a safeguard knot
A sweetness mingled with woe.


Улетаю верхом на шальном снегопаде
Наплевать, что весна с очумевшим в разладе
Мартом,пьяным от ветра, снега и воли
Больно колющих в душу, заряжая не глядя
Оседлать наслажденье без удил и подпруги
Пыль пуская весне, как ревнивой подруге
Он мечтал с ноября и первых морозов
Я люблю тебя, снег, за весеннюю вьюгу!

I draw with words...

I draw with words of an angry paint
My life's complexion is slightly faint
My cheekbones high in an easy bite
A phantom headache's embrace is light
On empty pages of day and night
I mark a circle of blank and white
With dots of pixels and aimless taint
I draft a zillion angels, to hide a saint.

Oh dear

Oh dear, I owe you an apology
So sais my personal, very private astrologer
I sure owe you a part of myself
And half of the chores of my house-elf
My matter is here in front of you
And yours is the choice what to do
I do beg your pardon, on virtual knees
For not sharing in time all my honey-bees
Ashamed I am to have told no truths
Although now do they really soothe
My heart is tired and love in hiding
In search for wind and a speedy rider
To drive us all to a peacefull meadow
And shoe away every evil shadow.

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