"по стене ползет кирпич. а за ним ползет другой. ну и пусть себе ползут. нам не нужен пенопласт!" (с?)
I wish I grew as fast as grass
In the wake of midday sun
To clean my blades and draw my guns
And blind thee with my eyes of glass

I wish I were so fresh and green
So sly and lively from within
So brave and young and yet so thin
To meet the heat with a knowing grin

I wish I saw what you have seen
Creator God of my worst dream
I wish I cried I wish I cared
For those who pray and those who dare

I wish I were the one to pray
The one who dares call your name
To live in no one's worldly shame
To walk your life when you're lame

Of heart or as an easy game
With no soul but your own to blame
I wish I loved as fast as grass
To let my lovers kindly pass

Though both my being and my demands
I wish I were the one thee trusts
The one I must. To cut crap short
I with I were, but ever won't.

*to a friend

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